I'm currently recently experiencing two major problems with iTunes that are sort of frustrating.
Firstly, iTunes kept forgetting the window size I wanted it to be. This isn't that much of a problem, but it also kept opening on my main screen, which is useless when I have a second one to keep stuff like music players, instant messaging and Facebook clients open, as iTunes will default to fitting with the Dock and the title bar.
Luckily for me, I found a fix with this one, and it's relatively straightforward, despite the fact that this must be a perpetual bug that began with iTunes 10 and is still there, unfixed by Apple. Anyway, here it is:
Screen Shot 2012 01 04 at 5 06 26 PM

The second problem I'm facing is whenever I'm trying to download album artwork, which I've recently became relatively compulsive about - it's so nice having a full iTunes library with album artwork for everything, and I hate the stock artwork that comes with iTunes. Whenever I click the "Get Album Artwork" link, it comes up with an error -609, which at first when I google it produces unrelated results because the minus symbol is used to force skipping results with the word/number that comes after it. This boggles my mind as to WHY it would spit out an error with the hyphen, and is slightly out of Apple's style of making things easy, but I digress.
SO, it pops up with this message, and regardless of what song I use, it always comes up with the error -609. It only collects artwork when I close and reopen iTunes, and then I can get album artwork that way. It seems to repeat after a little while though, and I'm yet to find a permanent fix.
Anyone's thoughts on it would be much appreciated, if there is anyone :P

Welp, that's it.