Hey, today I've decided I'll be writing not too much, and keep it fairly short and simple.
Firstly, for all of those that live in the wonderful state of Australia, NSW, daylight saving begins on the 1st April 2012, so make sure your alarms are changed the night before, or you might be in a bit of trouble. Then again, it's a Sunday, so it doesn't really matter that much!

Secondly, I wanted to talk about a few awesome apps that I've found in the past two weeks that I've enjoyed playing round with, and are just plain ingenious.
One of these such apps is iA Writer, stylised as Writer, which is a Mac/iOS universal app that is basically distraction free writing, in a similar vein to Q10. It's so excellent for just getting that essay, story or other piece of writing done, and out of the way.
It's a stellar app on iPad/iPhone, and it's even better with its seamless syncing with iCloud, or Dropbox, which I prefer for its openness and the fact that I can use it on non-PCs.
So back to the main point of the app. It is incredibly efficient at getting stuff done, and I'd recommend anyone interested in that sort of thing to take a look at Q10, even though its Windows only.

Another app of interest is this neat little thing called CodeUp. Created by a 16-year-old, CodeUp is an app that will make you wonder why you survived without it before - available on the Mac App Store - all it does is put a little icon in your task bar. Click on the icon, and it'll come up with a prompt to paste some code, whether it be Python, Actionscript or whatnot, and click "Paste!". it'll send the code to your preferred site (Gist, Pastie or Pastebin), and fetch you a link to the code, put it in your clipboard ready for you to send to someone else to review your code.

CodeUp on Mac App Store

It's so simple, yet so invaluable that I just HAD to buy it, and it's much better than having to open up yet another tab in our already-overcrowded web browsers. Coding, which brings me to my third topic of the day.

That is, my organism simulator of excitement! It's pretty basic, but it's theoretically extensible to the power of fifty, because it uses Python! (yay python!).
It implements DNA functions, naming conventions and lifespan, as well as reproduction. Enjoy!

Organism Generator on Gist