CoffeeScript has some misleading syntax. Here's why.

So I've been playing around with CoffeeScript a little, and it seems to be for all intents and purposes a Javascript preprocessor with Python-like syntax and conventions. Awesome! I love Python!

What Coffeescript doesn't seem to have, in one case anyway, is the same sensibilities as Python in terms of readability and being able to make sense of the code you are writing. I was working on fixing a bug in Coffeequate and needed to see if a certain string was a key for a Greek alphabet : LaTeX dictionary (which I created was a laborious task).

Coming from a Pythonic background, I assumed that you'd type

  if string in dictionary
but apparently this is not the thing to do. Instead, you are to write

  if string of dictionary
Now, I am not a hard core developer, nor do I have a deep and intimate knowledge of programming syntax and it's history, but this sort of  thing surely is a no brainer. Worse still, it took me about an hour to realise that this was the source of my error, the syntax hidden deep in CoffeeScript documentation. Which one makes more sense: the former or the latter?

I'll leave you to decide.