We’re doing some cooking challenges at work at the moment, and this last week’s challenge was to cook homemade pasta! We elected to bite the bullet and buy a pasta machine, because we’ve made pasta from scratch a few times, and we already have a somewhat not very good pasta machine that Jo got from his mum.

We chose an Ottolenghi recipe for the sauce, fettucini with spiced cherry tomato sauce. It requires ONE KILOGRAM of cherry tomatoes, well-ripe, and you need to reduce the tomatoes down for an hour.

A photo of a pan full of cherry tomatoes, half stewed

I think we’ll probably do two batches next time – just because of the insane time requirement.

The pasta-making itself was pretty chill, and making four serves of pasta with a real pasta machine is great.

A photo of flour strewn across a counter top, with eggs in a well in the middle
A photo of a pasta sheet going through a pasta machine
A photo of a pasta sheet stretched out over a pasta machine