Welp, it’s certainly all happening.

What I am grateful for last month

  • Some awesome times at the beach with my lovely friends!!
  • Got a hold of a copy of Normal People by Sally Rooney, and got to visit Green Square library for the first time, a gorgeous space ^_^
  • A taste of freedom, though that freedom was quickly curtailed by another wave of COVID :(
  • Dalkom coffee playlist on Spotify

One thing I’d like to do better this month

I’m planning on devoting a considerable amount of time to Japanese study going forward, so I’d like to memorise katakana and learn some basic grammar.

What I’m looking forward to this month

  • Digging into language learning for the first time since high school
  • Hopefully one or two beach sessions
  • I’m taking some time off (a week) in mid January
  • A virtual movie session with some friends