Grateful for last month

  • Apple watch fitness competition with Georgie
  • Trying some delicious Sichuan foods for the first time @ Spicy Joint
  • Going to Canberra and spending time with family 😍 (and we got to try e-scooters 🛴)
  • Picking up a bit of Japanese - I’ve kept my Anki schedule pretty consistent, but the grammar and Kanji ones are lagging behind a bit
  • The Sims 3

One thing I’d like to do better this month

Keep up with my rings 🍎 on my watch! and make sure I get the fitness in

What I’m looking forward to this month

  • Excited to work on a new project @ work 👀
  • Got a wedding coming up for an old high school friend which should be interesting!
  • Autumn vibes coming right up
  • More general social things