This is the first in a short series of posts where I share my film rolls from our Japan trip in 2023. Since this roll was mostly used up already, it’s a short one. Sorry!

Our trip started in Tokyo where we spent a few days. This is a small sampling from our first full day.

Our first full day fell on a national holiday, “Culture Day”. We headed up to Asakusa to check out the festivities there.

Here’s a shot of Sensoji just after the Shirasagi-no Mai finished (“Dance of the White Heron”).

An image of Sensoji temple with many people around it and smoke rising from a small booth in the middle

We then took a walk across to Ueno and enjoyed some park vibes. This part of the plan was probably a bit of a mistake - there are a lot of good museums in Ueno but they’re all free during Culture Day and I wanted to avoid the crowds. I’ll have to come back some day :)

A photo looking out on Ueno park, with many people in the foreground.

A photo of a Japanese pagoda

A photo looking down some steps in a park with a torii gate at the end of the steps

From there we took the train to Yanaka, a really vibey neighbourhood in northern Tokyo with lots of cool art spaces and old craft stores. We really liked wandering around here, and bought some senbei and ate it in a park.

For some reason the camera chose to focus on the background in this one lol:

A photo of a man sitting in a park smiling

During our time in Tokyo, we stayed in Akasaka. This was a pic from our room :)

A photo of a city skyline

And that’s it for this roll!

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