• 1/2 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of Keens dry mustard
  • 1 x Tin of pineapple slices


Peel the skin off the ham and throw away

Preheat the oven on full heat and the oven shelves on the very bottom. The ham is already cooked your just trying to caramelise the glaze.

Pour off pineapple juice and put aside.

Use the pineapple juice (that you poured off the slices) to mix with the above ingredients to make a paste and smear it all over the ham.

Score the ham about 20mm deep at intervals of 20mm as per picture attached. Smear the ham with the paste and fix the pineapple slices with tooth picks. Also within each diamond that you’ve scored put a whole clove.

Baste with the juices every 15 minutes and turn as necessary to get the colour you want on the glaze.