General notes:

  • Took a week off work and visited my parents, lots of sleeping and pool time and beach time and long lazy summer hangs ☀️
  • Making progress on my Japanese - I now know some basic grammatical constructs (even though I am shaky on them), and started learning different Kanji, I also picked up the Core2k deck and I am SLOWWWWWLY pushing through that
  • Got to have a play with the Intersection Observer API at work to build an image gallery lazy loading experience, which was real interesting
  • Cute virtual movie hangs with friends 🍿
  • I got to spend some time coworking at a friend’s place in Glebe, which was a real fun time
  • COVID restrictions are being lifted and the situation in Sydney has cooled down a lot, so I’m real looking forward to seeing humans again in person

Grateful for last month

  • Sunshine and THE BEACH
  • Learning new things at work 🤓

One thing I’d like to do better this month

Do my best to stay on track and enjoy learning my Japanese vocab c:

What I’m looking forward to this month

  • A few more beach sessions before the summer season wraps up
  • A trip to Canberra is on the cards, to see my brother for his birthday - keen for brunches and walks around Lake Burley-Griffin